• Second Verse.....Same As The First, And You'll Like This One Even Less......

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    September 25, 2023

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    Many of those who read our first article in The Georgia Record entitled “The Bizarre Connection Between Karaoke And The Georgia Republican Party – And Why You Won’t Like It”  are assimilating it and checking the facts for themselves.   You can read the full article HERE.

    Others are now bringing forward additional data and observations surrounding the matter.

    Does it appear that there may be other clues hidden in Georgia's mandatory reporting structures? We'll let you be the judge...

    A quick review….

    In our last article we found Cynthia Garst, John Garst and Jared Thomas were all lobbyists for Dominion Voting (among other concerns) during the 2020 election.  

    The Fulton County Republican Party, Inc., chaired at that time by Trey Kelly. with Treasurer Dan DiLuzio paid Rosetta Stone $197,500 in 2020 as shown in an Amended Disclosure report filed 15 minutes after the Original Disclosure report.   (The original Disclosure report, does not list these payments to Rosetta Stone.)

    John Garst appears to have a relationship with Josh McKoon based on photographic evidence showing they participated in an out-of-state national contest in an organization known as “The Eagles Club.”

    We wondered who else may have paid Rosetta Stone and so again examined Georgia’s Ethics Commission database.  That Georgia State Ethics Commission database is open source and available to the public via:  https://ethics.ga.gov/

    What we found next may be even more concerning...

    The Georgia Republican Party, Inc.  filed a Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report, for the period ending December 31, 2020, on 1/8/21 at 9:41pm.

    The Disclosure lists:

    Georgia Republican Party, Inc.

    Chairperson:  David J. Shafer

    Treasurer:  Joseph C. Brannon

    Photo: wikipedia

    Photo: Metro Atlanta CEO

    You can review and/or download the complete Disclosure here:

    Surprisingly, the Georgia State Ethics Commission system also indicates an AMENDED Disclosure, for the same period, was filed on 12/8/21 at 11:22am, 11 months later.

    If the Georgia Republican Party, INC. chose to AMEND their report we’ll assume they had a good reason for doing it, lets see what it said.

    The Entire Report is available below to review or download.  

    If we examine expenditures, we find that the AMENDED Disclosure lists $22,091,515.06 in funds spent.

    The report is 418 pages long so The Georgia Record had the report downloaded into an EXCEL spreadsheet and created a consolidated summary of this spending sorted on the name of the payee.

    The Georgia Republican Party, Inc. DISCLOSURE lists a total of over 1,100 payees,

    When this data is consolidated by the name of the payee and sorted by total paid, largest amount to smallest amount, we can see that The Georgia Republican Party, INC. spent $989,926.54 with Rosetta Stone as reflected in their DISCLOSURE for the December 31, 2020 period.

    Rosetta Stone Communications was the fourth largest payee shown on the resulting list.

    You may download the Expenditures file downloaded from the Georgia Ethics Commission system below:


    One more time.........

    Linkedin profiles show John Garst as President of Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC.   LinkedIn also shows Steven Schultz as CEO of Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC.  

    The company is listed at 1801 Peachtree Street, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30309 USA

    Also at that address is Garst Thomas Public Affairs.

    Garst Thomas Public Affairs website lists Cynthia Garst, John Garst and Jared Thomas as “Our Team”

    Cynthia Garst, John Garst and Jared Thomas were each lobbyists for Dominion Voting during the 2020 election cycle.

    Rosetta Stone Communications was paid just under $1 Milliion dollars, by the Georgia Republican Party, Inc.,  based on the Disclosure report filed for the period ending December 31, 2020.

    Rosetta Stone Communications was the fourth largest payee as shown on the Disclosure submitted by David J. Shafer and Joseph C. Brannon for the period ending December 31, 2020.


    To our list of questions we can now add:

    Following the 2020 Election,...as concerns surfaced regarding the validity of the 2020 election results in Georgia, and while the Georgia Republican Party was assembling a slate of alternate electors and questioning the outcome of a Presidential election...

    Did David Shafer – or any member of the GA GOP Executive Committee -  mention the relationship with Dominion Voting’s lobbyists?  

    Did they not know John Garst, Cynthia Garst and Jared Thomas were lobbyists for Dominion Voting?  

    Did they not have have any questions about these connections?

    If not why not?

    Why was Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC paid nearly $1M dollars by the Georgia Republican Party, Inc.?  For what products/services?

    And the band plays on.....more to come.......

    Disclaimer:   The Georgia Record researches and provides open source information in the interest of public disclosure and education.  Nothing herein is to be construed as alleging any crime or wrongdoing.

    No representations are made with regards to the Karaoke singing skills of any party mentioned herein.

    The Georgia Record applauds the efforts of Patriots across Georgia who are working to bring information forward so that Truth may be uncovered.

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