• Big Donors Gather In Adairsville For Kemp “Retreat” But What Is Kemp Buying With His Gift Of $175,000 To General Assembly Members?

    By Staff
    November 16, 2023

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    Kemp brought many of his high-dollar donors together during a weekend gathering of the Georgians First Leadership Committee.

    Kemp invited top advisors from his inner circle to speak along with Mike Pompeo.

    As part of the event, Kemp committed $175,000 to select members of the State Legislature who Kemp deems to be loyal to his wishes.

    The event was held at the Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, Georgia.

    Some observers question the sudden contribution from Kemp's reported $80MM Leadership fund. (created after he had legislation passed that provided for the Governor and Lt. Governor to create special leadership committees that would have more lenient rules regarding fund raising and reporting standards.  Candidates for these two positions also enjoy this added flexibility.)

    Observers note that with $80MM to call on, $175,000 across the members of the General Assembly is hardly a drop in the bucket.  Who is receiving these monies?  We’ll be following up to check soon.

    With a Special Session of the General Assembly now scheduled to begin Wednesday, November 29, many wonder why Kemp would choose now to hold a key meeting with big dollar donors and why toss some dollars to his kemp-loyalists?

    Another interesting slant to the meeting was the presence of former U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.   One day after the Kemp event, it was reported that Pompeo was accepting a seat on the board of directors for one of Ukraine’s largest mobile providers -  Kyivstar.     

    Kemp – Pompeo – Ukraine – China - WEF

    Those following The Georgia Record closely will recall that we reported on Kemp’s open invitation for Chinese companies to locate in Georgia - a move that troubles many given the questionable motivations of China in U.S. and Georgia elections.    

    Viewers may also recall that on December 16, 2020, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe disclosed “that there was foreign interference by China, Iran and Russia in November of this year.”

    To many,  the questions surrounding Kemp’s agenda have become worrisome:

    He openly attends the World Economic Foundation meeting earlier this year.  The WEF is now widely recognized as not having the U.S. best interests in mind and therefore not having Georgia’s best interests in mind.

    He is promoting Chinese companies to come to Georgia, companies which by Chinese governance have allegiances tied back to the Chinese Communist Party.

    He is now connected in some way to Mike Pompeo who is assuming a role on the board of a Ukranian company, something which, for Hunter Biden, seems to have contributed to alleged bribes, payoffs and money laundering.

    What exactly is Kemp buying with his $175,000 remains to be seen and is there more behind this?

    The Georgia Record staff will report on their findings as more facts emerge.

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    I hope he doesn't toss you in jail like the j6 crowd. You just don't speak negative of the dictator, I mean governor. And don't ever go against his wishes. Just ask all those folks who won't stand against fani willis.

    Mary Jo Alton

    Kemp is starting to get brazenly open about his agenda. He's a scary guy. Hungry for money and no allegience to our country.

    I always knew Mike Pompeo was dirty. It is rumored he told Trump not to pardon Julian Assange.

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