• Why Should Georgia Allow China To Put Down Stakes On Our Land?

    March 1, 2024
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    For a number of years experts have confirmed that Chinese-based corporations exist in large part under the watchful eye and in some cases with direct control and influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)

    In some cases Chinese companies have been allowed to enter and exist in the U.S. in spite of the concerns that these connections would seem to present.

    In 2020 it was disclosed that nearly 2 million Chinese Communist Party members (largely deemed as involved in spying) are active across the U.S. and many nations around the world.   This number implies that the Chinese are very interested in learning all they can about the countries that they may consider adversaries or at least competitors.


    We would normally expect our legislatures would be intelligent enough to know this information as well.   

    With that expectation we should ask why would the Georgia legislature allow, or support, or in fact promote continued introduction of Chinese companies into Georgia?       

    Some may say we need these companies in order to push Georgia's economy forward.    Indeed governor Kemp himself has a video promoting the concept of Chinese companies locating facilities and presence here in Georgia.


    It has been found that in some cases Chinese are buying land or companies in locations which add to the concerns above.      Key agricultural land land near infrastructure installations,  land near key power grid components, land near U.S. military installations.

    To most Georgians it would seem reasonable and necessary to limit the ability of Chinese companies to buy land or even a presence in Georgia to prevent possible misuse or spying based from these locations.

    SB 132 proposes to limit the ability of Chinese companies to purchase land in Georgia in order to block some of these risks.   The Bill passed the Senate in early March 2023.

    Now the Bill is currently in the House Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee Chaired by Robert Dickey, and Vice-Chaired by Joe Campbell and has been sitting there over a year since March 2023.

    So why has this bill not been passed?    We don’t know but believe YOU should ask.

    This week one of the bills sponsors, Senator Brandon Beech, asked constituents from across Georgia, to review the bill and push their Representatives to move this bill forward.    

    In other discussions it appears that certain Kemp favorites like Rep. Lauren McDonald may be failing to help the bill progress and may actually be participating in holding the bill from passing (recall Kemps video above inviting the same Chinese companies who represent these concerns to locate businesses in Georgia.) A message to Rep. McDonald on this Bill received no response.

    Many Georgians are becoming aware of the interests of China, a country which utilizes uyghur “slaves” to perform work against their will as a means of keeping their production costs low.  Products which in many cases end up in America because of their low cost.    

    Consider the irony of Georgians (or Americans in general) being comfortable with buying products from “slave owners.”

    More importantly would Georgians agree with compromising our military and/or national security in order to facilitate Chinese companies to locate and operate in Georgia, in agriculture or any other industries?

    Citizens who don’t like the idea of allowing Chinese companies to pick out key land in Georgia to do with as they please can reach members of the Agriculture Committee and urge them to move SB 132 forward and stop blocking its progress.  

    Name District Position EMAIL

    Robert Dickey 145th Chairman [email protected]

    Joe Campbell 171st Vice Chairman [email protected]

    David Huddleston 72nd Secretary [email protected]

    Karen Bennett 94th Member [email protected]

    Mike Cameron 1st Member [email protected]

    Beth Camp 135th Member [email protected]

    Chas Cannon 172nd Member [email protected]

    Doreen Carter 93rd Member [email protected]

    John Corbett 174th Member [email protected]

    Brent Cox 28th Member [email protected]

    Emory Dunahoo 31st Member [email protected]

    Stan Gunter 8th Member [email protected]

    Leesa Hagan 156th Member [email protected]

    Rick Jasperse 11th Member [email protected]

    David Jenkins 136th Member [email protected]

    Rob Leverett 123rd Member [email protected]

    Regina Lewis-Ward 115th Member [email protected]

    Marvin Lim 98th Member [email protected]

    Reynaldo "Rey" Martinez 111th Member [email protected]

    Danny Mathis 149th Member [email protected]

    Steven Meeks 178th Member [email protected]

    Clay Pirkle 169th Member [email protected]

    Mitchell Scoggins 14th Member [email protected]

    Patty Marie Stinson 150th Member [email protected]

    Darlene Taylor 173rd Member [email protected]

    Mandisha A. Thomas 65th Member [email protected]

    Ken Vance 133rd Member [email protected]

    Inga Willis 55th Member [email protected]

    Bill Yearta 152nd Member [email protected]


    A copy of SB 132 may be viewed or downloaded below:


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    UPDATE BREAKING VIDEO BELOW: GA State Senator Colton Moore/Chief Of Staff Assaulted By US Military Guards In Atlanta Airport After Sting To Catch Migrant Trafficking Operation

    UPDATED: Senator Colton Moore Testifies Before Georgia Senate Describing Trafficking Being Conducted Through Hartsfield Airport Under The Watch Of The U.S. Military



    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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