• The Odd Manuevers Of Sen. Shelly Echols, Why Isn't She Running Again?

    March 11, 2024
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    Why Is She Inserting Her Husband In Her Place?

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    Last week as the deadline for prospective candidates to qualify to run in the upcoming Georgia election cycle, many noted the absence of Shelly Echols, the current Senator from the 49th district.

    As the deadline neared, Echols came into the Capitol with her husband, and in a surprising move put her HUSBAND through the qualifying process rather than herself. Why?

    Many are questioning this move from a supposed "republican" Senator as it seems more like manipulating the process than following the process. If she's confident that her constituents would feel good about her track record over the past years one would expect her to run again.

    Is it her previous stance AGAINST Sen. Colton Moore and his call for investigation into Fani Willis that prompted this latest pivot?

    Echols was one of those who chose to claim "we don't have the votes" rather than challenge Fani Willis. After the Georgia Republican Caucus took the unprecedented step of removing Colton Moore from their ranks she remained silent despite contact from the Georgia Record to get her comments on that and whether the Prosecuting Attorney Qualification Committee would be able to take action.

    (Subsenquently the Georgia Supreme Court decided they would not review that committees proposed rules, effectively putting a stop to the committee's ability to act.)

    At the time, reports suggested a number of representatives were eroding their constituents confidence by being unwilling or afraid to address the issue of Fani Willis' seemingly cobbled together charges.

    Now that investigations have started and the alleged impropriety with Nathan Wade and the $700,000 Willis has paid him have come to light, more legislators are yearning to join the dogpile.

    In Echols case was it too late to save her reputation?

    What about her husband caused her to seek his qualification? Is he the most knowledgeable or experienced and does he have a finger on the pulse of the issues in Georgia? When asked in an interview recently to identify the top priorities of Georgia, he mentioned transportation, the lake and the medical center, none of which show up on surveys of the top concerns of people across Georgia.

    What about the illegal immigrants coming into Georgia? What about the inflation that appears to be exacerbated by government spending? What about the efforts of some legislators to attempt to legislate morality or in fact make aspects of free speech a felony crime?

    Ms. Echols too may be disconnected from Georgia needs. Some question her priorities and attention to the real issues of Georgia, given tweets such as below asking for opinions and votes on "best dressed" legislator.

    Given Mr. Echols apparent blind spot with regard to the real issues in Georgia, we hope that if Drew Echols were to be elected we won't see a male version of the "best dressed legislator" survey.


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    Jenny Williams

    Love this content. Should we expect to see more articles on potential candidates for Georgia in the coming months? Would love to hear from Beth Majeroni candidate for GA Senate District 1.

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