• Bills To Thrill And Bills to Kill - Georgia Freedom Caucus Sounds Alarm On 2nd Amendment Violating Bill HB 971 And Free Speech Crushing HB 986

    March 13, 2024
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    Mallory Staples published a latest update from the Georgia Freedom Caucus calling out two bills that need to be defeated: HB 971 and HB 986.

    A copy of her substack release and link to the original appears below:

    Read full substack HERE

    It’s been a hot minute since we had to make calls but today is the day! We had Crossover day and qualifying week that were incredibly busy and now we are back to work, grassroots. This is DAY 33 of a 40 DAY session- this is our final stretch and couldn’t be more important. You know how leadership loves to cram things through at the last minute. You often hear House members say, “the senate will clean it up” when they try and excuse voting for bad bills. We will see if the senate does that or not.

    The grassroots are counting on our MAGA elected Lt. Governor, Burt Jones, to control the senate with his steady conservative hand these final days. So much is at stake and our LG must come through for us. Pray for Burt to have courage and strength these final days of session. He is our best defense against these freedom crushing bills and our greatest ally to push forward the bills that uphold our liberties!

    The amount of grassroots folks who came out and qualified it INCREDIBLE. I’m so proud of each and every one of you. Holding incumbents accountable for their voting records in the public square is VITAL. PROUD OF YOU.


    HB 971 has a hearing today in Finance at 4 p.m. and we need everyone to call and ask the committee to VOTE NO on this 2nd amendment violating bill. Here are the Senator’s numbers: ALSO, if you can come to the hearing- GET DOWN THERE!

    Chuck Hufstetler 404.656.0034

    John Albers 404.463.8055

    Billy Hickman 404.463.1371

    Jason Anavitarte 404.656.0085

    Brandon Beach 404.463.1378

    Shelly Echols 404.463.3931

    Steve Gooch 404.656.9221

    Mike Hodges 404.463.1309

    CALL TO ACTION #2 HB 986

    HB 986 has been assigned to Judiciary Committee and has no scheduled hearings. See below for our position against this bill.) Let’s call them to ask that they keep it that way. Here are the Senator’s numbers:

    Brian Strickland 404.463.6598

    Bill Cowsert 404.463.1366

    Mike Hodges 404.463.1309

    Bo Hatchett 404.651.7745

    John Kennedy 404.656.6578

    Ed Setzler 404.656.0256

    Ben Watson 404.656.7880


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