• URGENT - Make Three Calls To Stop Censorship Bill HB 986 - NOW Is The Time

    March 19, 2024
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    Question if it's real? See Tucker interview clip included

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    Senators who voted “YES” on HB 986 in Judiciary Committee-

    Yes, you heard me. ONLY SENATOR STEVE GOOCH VOTED NO! We thank him for that and applaud him for protecting us from this horrible bill.

    The Senators who should be remembered for NOT PROTECTING US are Brian Strickland, Bill Cowsert, Mike Hodges, Bo Hatchett, John Kennedy, Ed Setzler and Ben Watson. DON’T FORGET.

    “Today’s compromise is tomorrow’s captivity.” So much compromise.

    NOW WE ARE IN THE BIGGEST FIGHT OF THE SESSION. Since it passed Senate Judiciary Committee, it will now go onto Rules Committee where they decide what goes on the floor. LG Burt Jones will make the final decision about that if it makes it out of Rules. The calendar is set for day 37, Wednesday, already and 986 isn’t on there. SO the first day it could show up in Rules is Thursday.

    TODAY & TOMORROW we need you and everyone you know to make 3 calls- that’s it. Call the LG and ask him not to bring it forward for a vote. Call Senator Matt Brass and ask him NOT to vote it out of Rules. And call your Senator and tell them IF THEY HAVE TO VOTE on this bill- it needs to be a NO!!!

    (Talking points if asked: legislating campaign integrity is not proper role of government, government playing this role is dangerous and infringement on 1st amendment rights, “affiliation” is too broad a term, criminal component is unacceptable and we already have defamation laws, making this activity a felony crime is insane, jail time is insane.) Just for starters… I could go all day.

    Lt. Gov. Burt Jones 404.656.5030

    Rules Chairman, Matt Brass 404.463.1376

    Your Senator * button below to find them

    Call Each day. And SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    REMINDER: We need uncompromising leaders. If you can’t easily reference multiple instances of your senator, house rep or executive officer’s recent ACTIONS against the tyranny we face daily then VOTE THEM OUT in May.

    Circulate this email. You all have networks. Use them. Let’s make a difference in a BIG WAY.

    Click Link Below to Find your Senators & Representatives

    Find Your Senators & Representatives

    HB 986 Was Discussed Today on Voice of Rural America with BKP. See below to hear the discussion:


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