• BREAKING - House Pulls Bait And Switch With SB 358 - The Bill Providing For Investigation Of Raffensperger

    March 24, 2024

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    In January, the State Election Board sent a letter to Lt. Governor Burt Jones and House Speaker Jon Burns asking that the Georgia legislature consider and confirm if in fact the State Election Board had the authority to investigate Secretary of State Reffensperger.

    The letter may be viewed and downloaded below:

    The Georgia Senate quickly took up the matter issuing Senate Bill 358, a concise 4-page, straight-forward bill asserting four essential elements:

    1- It confirmed that the State Board of Elections had authority to investigate SoS Reffensperger

    2- It removed Raffensperger as an Ex-Officio member of the State Election Board

    3- It assured the hiring of investigators as needed

    4- It ordered SoS Raffenperger to comply with the investigation

    Senators Max Burns, Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch, Senator Dolezal, Senator Robertson and others crafted and sponsored the original SB 358 which was quickly met with public acknowledgement and encouragement.

    The original version of SB 358 may be viewed and downloaded below:

    SB 358 was passed by the Senate quickly and passed over to the House.

    Given the public outcry for investigation of the errors identified and cited in complaints by Joe Rossi, combined with the apparent efforts by the SoS office and certain members of the State Election Board to delay and/or circumvent further investigations, the public scrutiny of the request and Senate action was high. Once the Senate had passed the Bill and forwarded to the House many assumed that the House would act in-kind.

    But of course that now appears to have been a false hope.

    The House Governmental Affairs Committee, Chaired by John LaHood, worked the Bill over, taking a clear 4-page bill, retaining the SB 358 name, but crafting a "substitute" 24-page bill that contains NONE of the original four measures included in SB 358.

    The bill was passed by the House on March 13th and quietly returned to the Senate chamber for a confirmation vote by the Senate.

    A copy of the astoundingly-modified bill can be viewed or downloaded below:

    The contents of the bill returned have nothing to do with answering the original questions posed by the State Election Board, instead they have a conflagration of political action committee rules and requirements, reporting stipulations, restrictions and more.

    Sources say the bill appears to have been deliberately crafted to confuse the average reader, perhaps in the hope they wouldn't notice that it's original measures have been erased. Readers ask WHY?

    Was this to keep Raffensperger from being investigated? Was it to hide some other faulty part of the election process?

    During Sunday's The Georgia 2024 Show, Joseph Rossi, whose work led the the State Election Board decision to ask the legislature to weigh-in regarding investigation of Raffensperger, said he had received communication from a confidential source in a position to know the discussions surrounding the astounding changes to SB 358. That source sent an email confirming that "Governor's office did not agree with the change from a constitutional perspective." The "change" being the ability of the SEB to investigate Raffensperger.

    Why would Governor Kemp not want Raffensperger to be investigated? The Georgia Record notes that the Governor is essentially the chief official responsible for the enforcement of the laws of the State of Georgia. The Governor takes an oath to this effect as he takes office. If there are anomalies in election results and reporting that the SoS office has not yet answered, it would seem necessary and advisable that an investigation be undertaken to find such answers to protect the laws of Georgia.

    The drastically altered bill now rests back in the Senate. If they so choose they can modify the bill to again address the areas it was originally designed to cover.

    The Georgia Record encourages the Senators who originally crafted and sponsored SB 358, (see list below) along with their colleagues across the Senate, to restore this piece of legislation so it can do the job it was designed to do.

    It should confirm the State Election Boards authority to investigate the Secretary of State Raffensperger. It should remove Raffensperger from serving as an ex-officio member of the SEB. It should ensure adequate investigative resources, and it should compel Raffensperger to fully comply with the investigation.

    Thank you to the Senators who crafted and sponsored the original (REAL) SB 358:

    No.Number in listNameDistrict
    1.Burns, Max23rd
    2.Gooch, Steve51st
    3.Robertson, Randy29th
    4.Dolezal, Greg27th
    5.Anavitarte, Jason31st
    6.Payne, Chuck54th
    7.Dixon, Clint45th
    8.Setzler, Ed37th
    9.Beach, Brandon21st
    10.Watson, Ben1st
    11.Goodman, Russ8th
    12.Brass, Matt28th

    The Georgia Record will stay on top of developments regarding SB 358 and reports status through Thursday's "Sine Die."

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    Rhonda Aaron

    Kemp and Rattensberger are in the same ball of crap. Brian Kemp should also be investigated.

    J Abely

    A well written article about an important matter. I encourage readers to forward this article to patriots in Georgia.


    This bill must go forward as originally crafted. The citizens of Ga should be outraged at the level of corruption and lack of accountability and transparency. The corruption in Ga seems endless… Tax paying citizens deserve to know the truth about our elections and those that govern our state unjustly.

    Exec branch does not want leg. checks and balances like this. Period. But from 13 days of watching Fulton absentee ballots counting, along with Dr. Johnston (now on the SEB), with 4 legal complaints filed by me, this is needed! I sent Greg D. a text.


    The bad guys in both parties will come together to protect each other. That's why we can't win.

    Robert Powell

    Kemp is a Globalist, and was at Davos -- He must be removed -- plan now, not just before his re-election - Georgia must be moved forwrd to be the peoples house again.

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