• You Are Calling - Will They Answer?

    March 27, 2024
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     Sources inside the Capitol admit that many many calls and many more emails have been received from the public asking for key bills to be pushed forward, fixed or Stopped.

    With scant few hours left before the end of the legislative session, the question on many minds is: Will they comply with the public's wishes and requests or will they fail, only to pretend later they couldn't get the job done - because of others?

    The Georgia Record reminds everyone that "Republicans," who call themselves conservatives, control the majority of seats in both the Senate and the House.

    Conservative measures with popular support should be able to be successfully completed with those supporting the measure(s) getting a big "thank you" and acknowledgement from their constituents.

    Conversely, if a clear public wish isn't fulfilled, one must ask: Who did not take the requested action?

     The next two days may separate the wheat from the chaff.

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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