• BREAKING: Jason Thomson, Amy Kremer Elected By GA GOP Convention As State Committeeman And Committeewoman

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    May 18, 2024
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    During a tension-filled convention in Columbus, the GOP has re-elected Jason Thompson as GOP State Committeeman, and newly elected Amy Kremer as State Committeewoman in place of incumbent Ginger Howard.

    Thompson was elected despite news that broke showing his wife and daughter received compensation from the GA Secretary of State's office.

    In other votes, supporters of GA GOP Chair Josh McKoon, were removed as delegates to the RNC Convention in Wisconsin. This included Debbie Dooley, who was instrumental in the effort to remove Brian K. Pritchard from his seat as First Vice Chair of the GA GOP, Betsy and Steven Kramer, and former Dominion lobbyist John Garst.

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    Eli Dumitru

    You give all these names as if we know who they are. Please give more background on these people so we can tell which side is winning here. Thanks.

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