• State House Candidate Jill Trammell Says GA GOP Gave Her Bogus Voter Data - Tramell Calls For Full Forensic Audit Due To 'Strange Happenings' At Polling Stations, Requests Affidavits From Voters

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    May 21, 2022
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    Biden DOJ Coordinated Legal Assault On Georgia Election Integrity Law With Liberal Groups

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    GA State House District 50 Candidate Jill Trammel is sounding the alarm on voter irregularities in her district, and calling for affidavits to be filed from voters. She is calling for a full forensic audit and says early voting data is not to be trusted.

    You can read her statement below.

    Attention Candidates and Concerned Citizens,

    The AJC reported this week that “More than 710,000 Georgians have voted so far, about triple the number in the 2018 election and Republicans are outpacing the number of Democrats.”

    Normally, this would be good news for Republican candidates, however, the following evidence has been brought to my attention regarding voting irregularities and GOP interference.

    Because of the below facts, as a candidate, I do not trust the results of the Early Voting tabulations which will be done on Tuesday, May 24 or the Primary results.

    From the first to last day of early voting, the Election Net system has had software irregularities. This “E-Net” supplies the interface between the SOS Voter ID and the key code, to connect a voter’s proper ballot style to their District and Precinct candidates and issues. This problem appeared less than 4 hours into the first day of voting, when voters reported that their ballot did not have their candidates on it. This was reported to the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State. It was addressed by the implementation of an emergency "workaround". Clerks were instructed to perform a "manual override" with supplemental code lists provided on an Excel spreadsheet, which they matched to their Voter ID and keyed in manually, to create a key card for voting on the Dominion machines. This emergency procedure become the new normal - for the entire State. There hasn't been a fix or patch reported.

    This allowed for the following irregularities, among others, that have been expressed from poll workers, poll watchers, clerks, and data engineers.

    · Systematic, statewide problems with the Election Net Poll Pads.

    · Voters pulling up the wrong ballots for their Districts and precincts.

    · Voter absentee ballot applications being used in mass.

    · Voter confusion, questioning and misinformation being distributed by poll workers.

    · Clerks setting aside absentee ballot applications for their own human error or "mistakes" and a second absentee ballot application being generated without spoiling the first.

    · New Registration Cards did not get sent out prior to Early Voting so people didn’t know if they got their right ballot or not.

    · Scanners were not being turned off at night, stating it would help make them faster.

    · Scanners going down in the middle of voting.

    · Scanners being exchanged.

    · Memory cards that hold up to 10,000 ballots at a time, being exchanged.

    · Ballots missing actual City wide issues to vote on OR had the wrong issues for their City.

    · Non-certified - Election Net security update in the middle of the night.

    · Republicans getting Democratic ballots.

    · Republicans listed as Democrats in SOS data.

    The GOP interference that is contributing to my call for a Full Forensic Audit.

    · All the 2020 Early Voters were not included in my candidate GOP Database. These are all Trump votes and suppressed my ability to reach voters in my district to canvass or discuss issues as they were happening.

    · Poll watchers were told to "cease and desist" by the GOP due to an administrative problem and were not present for over three full days in my district, which now has data irregularities during that time that cannot be explained.

    I will not trust the results of the Primary Election votes on May 24th, due to the above facts.

    I ask that all candidates immediately make ORR requests from their County, Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, Secretary of State, and the State Elections Board, on any equipment problems, software updates and demand the certification for each of those updates.

    Additionally, candidates may still be able to send their own citizen observers to the tabulation centers and polls on Tuesday, assuming they will not stop the election process.

    I will be submitting a request for my own citizen observers and for a Full Forensic Audit on both the early voting results and the Primary results, based on the known and observed facts.

    I have attached some of the data that has been provided and the affidavit for anyone who reports irregularities.

    Affidavits are being collected at: [email protected]

    If you would like to join me, please contact me at [email protected] Candidate website at: www.jillforga.com


    Jill Trammell

    Candidate for State House District 50














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