• Carter Center International Election Observers With Deep Communist Ties Gain 60 Days Of Full Access To Fulton County Midterms

    By Staff
    October 29, 2022

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    According to newly acquired internal government records, Ryan Germany, the General Counsel and notorious direct report of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, was among those who met with leaders from the Carter Center (TCC) to arrange the insertion of its international election observers into the operational infrastructure of the Atlanta, Fulton County midterms. The Fulton Board of Elections and Registration (BOER) provided their vote approval on 10/13/22 as the third necessary 'welcoming' party just one day after receiving the draft Memorandum of Agreement.

    All parties have now granted the Carter Center unprecedented United States election access in Fulton County for a 60-day period from 10/14/22 to 12/15/22, which is to culminate in a final report to the holdover Performance Review Board (PRB) of the Secretary of State from the aftermath of the 2020 election, of which Ryan Germany is the Secretary's lead appointee. Educated citizens and the laws of Georgia do not concur with their presence.

    Footage from the 10/13/22 Fulton BOER Discussion of the Carter Center 'Request'

    In a freudian slip at the 10/13/22 Fulton BOER meeting, noticeably nervous Chairman Cathy Woolard said, "We’ve had a request from the Performance Review Board and the Secretary of Sta- (I mean err excuse me) and the Carter Center to ask if they can participate in observing our election processes." This points directly to the coordinated 'invitation' of the review body with the subject of the review to potentially 'fix' or 'neutralize' the conclusions of a statutory performance review as outlined in OCGA § 21-2-106 & 107. It appears that this would also be a perfect opportunity for Cathy Woolard, who is a consultant for Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight Action PAC and has lectured with the Carter Center alongside their CEO Paige Alexander, to sway the assessment left and perhaps find more conservative targets to stigmatize.

    By bringing the Carter Center to Fulton County, Woolard can exercise her loyalties to Georgia's Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate and ensure matters proceed with favor to her party.

    Pursuant to Georgia's lawless trend, it appears there are no legal provisions for corporations to have internal, real-time election investigative roles in Georgia counties for any reason. The tri-party MOU attempts to ground the agreement in a statement of OCGA § 21-2-106 which reads "The duty of the Performance Review Board is to make a thorough and complete investigation and issue a written report of its findings to the Secretary of State, the State Election Board, and the local governing authority which shall include such evaluations, judgments, and recommendations as it deems appropriate." However, the very next sentence in that code section describes the ability of the THREE-MEMBER board to request reimbursement for mileage and per diem expenditures associated with their work. To stretch the meaning to allow an unlimited number of corporate international election observers into a Georgia county appears totally, completely, irrevocably wrong, and based in no law.

    Considering that Georgia Congressmen Buddy Carter, Jodi Hice, Austin Scott, and Andrew Ferguson have recently challenged the Carter Center's direct collaborations with the Chinese Communist Party, this may rise to the level of national security. They observed the Carter Center maneuver into the risk-limiting audit in 2020, and the actions concerned them. In just early October, TCC also gained access to the logic and analysis testing space in Arizona. These Congressmen, in addition to GA Congressman Rick Allen from the 12th, have been contacted and have provided no known statements on the matter as of the date of this publication.

    Those involved in the work of poll watching in all political units are particularly appalled, as are those who understand the communist threat and respect the rule of law. Under OCGA § 21-2-408, the sources of needed poll observers are political parties, political bodies, and candidate committees. The reference to 'observer' or 'monitor' is in the previous code and in OCGA § 21-2-386, referring to public citizen oversight for the absentee ballot tabulation in each county. Again, there is no provision for corporate observation bodies, no matter the political stance or skillset they claim.

    Instead of acting as an independent board of three competent persons called by the State Election Board to issue a report of its findings per GA Code § 21-2-107 (2021), it appears that the PRB has entered into an access agreement with the Carter Center to 'snow' their long-overdue job report. Ironically, TCC seems to have no ability to inspect the cybersecurity aspects of elections. The MOU avoids or fails to disclose any technical oversight and active vulnerability risk mitigation that is critically needed for the hackable, Dominion optical scanner voting system loaded with Software Version: 5.5.3-0002. Instead, the TCC creates digital tools that monitor and categorize the opinions of citizens in order to systematically label and eliminate what they view as a 'threats to democracy.' Perhaps they will check the impact of their digital disinformation 'monitoring' campaigns in Fulton County with the results of the elections? Report or not, citizens who have obeyed Georgia law to become poll watchers with political parties, political bodies, and on behalf of candidates have far less access, compared to this pseudo nonpartisan international election observer corporation.

    During the meeting, Republican Party Fulton BOER member, Mark Wingate, asked if TCC was engaging in poll watching. Chairman Woolard answered, "No, it is an independent non-partisan observation of our election process." She goes on to say that, The voluminous reams of investigative information and staff issues, according to Woolard, have "hampered the ability of the PRB to issue an actual written report." She states it is the "goal" that this agreement "Will lead to the conclusion of this very long investigation that has not been able to terminate."

    Internal email communication from the month of October reaffirms the concerning process of establishing the current agreement with the Carter Center in Fulton County.

    The terms of the decided MOU are for broad and nearly unlimited "adequate and meaningful access" to personnel, all internal documentation and records, training materials, and the ability to shadow personnel at all times. Currently, TCC is boasting of their last-minute approval access when, in the recent past, they acknowledged that their strong partisan Democratic Party ties were an obvious deterrence to the domestic acceptance of their ethical requirement to provide impartial and accurate assessments as observers per their code of conduct.

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    Governor Brian Kemp is aware of the issue and has been briefed. The failure of the state or county to issue a press release or any statements on the matter indicates the planned intent, stated by Cathy Woolard, for the Carter Center to control the narrative on this issue and for Fulton and the state of Georgia to remain officially silent except for a few choice quotes, such as those given to yahoo news and understandings obtained by the War Room. There appears to be no lawful authority in place for Kemp to allow a corporation into the Georgia county elections through Secretary of State Raffensperger for observation for any reason whatsoever than to assist the uniparty in pre-election negotiations to violate Georgia law. Could this be a 2022 “consent decree”?

    As if matters couldn't be worse, the unlimited number of Carter Center observers are trained and guided by their globalist pledge to United Nations principles, and paid by their $940 million non-profit corporation funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Open Society Foundation of George Soros, and have long-worked in partnership with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), as can been seen in this recent joint election initiative press release. At this time, the board of the NDI includes Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, further indicating the uniparty convergence initiative of Georgia political core officially led by Governor Brian Kemp. The Carter Center can be aggressive in monitoring Abrams' interest within Fulton County and ensuring a PRB report that represents the full interest of the far left globalists, as certified by the RINO Republicans.

    Additionally, the MOU outlines no payment to the Carter Center for its services. It appears that compensation of power, control, access, and ability to sway the PRB final report for 60 days could be more than ample payment. This compensation may violate legal requirements for the Fulton Commission to publish and gain approval for 'expenses in the nature of compensation' per OCGA § 36-5-24 (b)(2) for allowing their work and expensive access to proceed. Commissioners must direct and control the property of the county. And, it appears that the Board of Elections and Registration is failing to uphold their oath and duty. Gates and Soros must be extremely pleased, while the fourth party to the agreement, citizens, are not.

    The Carter Center has a long, public history of working closely with the Chinese communist party through its Ministry of Civil Affairs as far back as 1998 and collaborating with factions of the United Front Work Department which concerns Georgia's U.S. Congressmen. The United Front tout's Mao Zedong's view of the organization as the "magic weapon" to ensure victory of Communism over Democracy; their abusive and persecutive actions of their own people have led to visa sanctions of their associates by the United States. Currently, Fulton is employing Dominic Olumo as their IT Director, who is a Nigerian citizen and former Dominion employee. The Carter Center has long-held connections to the troubled and corrupt Nigerian government, as well.

    Georgia citizens have yet another opportunity to hold its elected official accountable, and elected officials have yet another opportunity to rapidly correct or resign to exercising their political corruption elsewhere. The inalienable legal rights of citizens are in a Great Awakening.



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    Diana Barahona

    The Carter Center has a long, public history of State Department funding and serving the interests of the global capitalist class. If it works with the CCP, that is simply because the CCP was captured in the 1970s by the Bilderberg Group (now the WEF), when Henry Kissinger and George HW Bush installed their agent, Deng Xiaoping, in power. Deng turned the CCP into a capitalist class by installing additional globalizing puppets and making their families wealthy. (They did the same thing in South Africa with Black Economic Empowerment.) https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/642

    John Locklair

    Dominion, Smartmatic and the Carter Center to Observe, Control and Certify the Election is the formula to install Tyranny and destroy even the wealthiest of Countries. Don’t believe me? Go to our Southern Border, Find an illegal immigrant fleeing Venezuela to live here, and ask them!

    Elizabeth M Fitzgerald

    What should Georgia voters do to prevent The Carter Center from being able to have access to the polls?

    David Cross

    The Software Version: 5.5.3-0002 mentioned in the article is the one approved by the Sec of State BUT the installed version is 5.5.3-0002 #2. The #2 in the version name makes it a different piece of software and it is not approved.

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