• True The Vote Win Poses Harsh Questions For Joel Natt - Forsyth Election Board Member

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    January 9, 2024
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    Agreed that up to 20% of Forsyth Voter Registrations should NOT be there, but has not corrected. Why?

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    On January 2nd, Judge Steve Jones issued his findings in the case of Fair Fight v. True the Vote et al. In his ruling he found that True the Vote had not violated the National Voter Rights Act, nor had intimidated any voter by assisting Georgia citizens in the filing of more than 364,000 challenges against ineligible voter registration records in Georgia.

    On May 12 of 2022, Joel Natt, then Vice Chair of the Forsyth County Board of Registrations and Elections, voted to dismiss more than 12,000 registration challenges filed by a resident of Forsyth County.

    Minutes after that vote, Natt was caught on video stating that he voted to not accept the challenges because he was "not going to be the one sued privately."

    Following a comment about the number of registrations that SHOULD NOT BE on the Forsyth Voter rolls, Natt further stated "there's 17-20% if you believe his number (referring to the challenger) and I agree with it..."

    So where does that leave Forsyth County:

    Forsyth had over 174,000 registrations as of mid-2022. Since Natt agreed 17-20% should NOT be there, 20% implies that over 34,000 should be off the rolls. Has he taken steps to remove these ineligible registrations? No.

    By preventing action to clean the Forsyth voter rolls, every legitimate vote in Forsyth can now be said to be diluted.

    Why has Joel Natt taken no action to clean up the thousands of ineligible records in Forsyth?

    Why did the Forsyth County Commission block attempts to remove Joel Natt from the Election Board?

    View complete video here:

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    Stefan Bartelski

    Thank you, Bill, Todd and Georgia Record.

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