• PART 4: The FCRP Operating Committee Vote To Delay Disclosure Of Fiduciary Irresponsibility Till After The GA GOP Convention

    June 5, 2024
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    As mentioned in our previous articles in this series, we confirmed with the leadership of the Fulton County Republican Party (FCRP) that a decision was voted on by the FCRP operating committee in March of this year to delay disclosure of findings of a partial forensic review of financial dealings with the FCRP trust (one year only, and not a full audit) until after the GA GOP convention held recently in Columbus, GA.

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    The lack of fiduciary responsibility regarding the trust is evident by FCRP internal documents themselves. As we have previously reported, there was at a minimum a serious lack of record keeping for the FCRP trust for approximately a decade. A lack of meeting minutes, bank records, and vendor records stained the fiduciary responsibility required in the management of a 'trust'.

    Overall Problem – the FCRP financial records are in poor condition, and it is difficult if not impossible to get answers to basic questions regarding authorization of and support for previous transactions, reads an FCRP work document shown in Part 3 above.

    The question we are raising in this article is -- what possible motivations were there to delay disclosure for 9 months of initial internal findings from September of 2023 of trust fiduciary irresponsibility, until later this month?

    We understand the forensic review findings for the year 2018 only will be released to the FCRP membership at the meeting scheduled below.

    Below is an FCRP operating committee membership list we received with the attestation that this list was distributed after FCRP Chairman Stephanie Endres was elected in 2023. We have contacted the FCRP early Monday of this week for confirmation that this list was used for the March vote but have not received a response. We copied their attorney at their request.

    The list shows Trey Kelly as a member of the FCRP operating committee along with people who have worked with Trey Kelly in the past.

    Trey Kelly was the previous chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party for years and directly involved in decisions regarding the trust.

    Trey Kelly was voted in as a delegate-at-large at the recent GA GOP convention to the RNC Convention in July.


    GA GOP leadership was certainly involved in preparing the list of delegates to be presented at the convention; ie, Josh Mckoon.

    FCRP leadership has denied to The Georgia Record any intention of manipulating the GA GOP convention delegate votes.

    Were there any other possible conflicts of interest, or motivations to delay disclosure? We don't have clarity on this question at this point.

    Carolyn Jeffords worked previously in Trey Kelly's administration in Fulton County and is on the list.

    Jan Jones is on the list and was a former trustee of the FCRP trust.

    Senator Brandon Beach is on the list.

    Fulton County Commissioner Bridget Thorn is on the list.

    Claire Bartlett was a signatory on the trust amendment and is on the list.

    Sam Brown is running for state house and is on the list.

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