• Saturday Was A Tough Day For Legislators In Forsyth County GOP Convention

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    March 26, 2024
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    Delegates from precincts across Forsyth County assembled on Saturday to vote on Delegates and alternates for the next level District Convention to be held in April.

    Attendees arrived to find information  on various candidates available but also found information waiting on Thursday’s AJC article on Talitrix and it's various associates including Rep. Todd Jones.  

    The article is entitled “Money, threats and power: A lawmaker-led jail monitoring company’s rise in Georgia”

    Jones and his company Talitrix have come under pressure after questions emerged surrounding certain bills whose provisions were speculated to favor the company. Most recently Fulton County chose to sever its contract with Talitrix.

    During the Forsyth GOP Convention, Jones he was given the opportunity to address the attendees and Jones presentation was not without some drama.

    After some legislative updates Jones turned to defending his role and company trackrecord.

    Apparently some attendees took exception to his comments with at least one person loudly coughing as Jones spoke of being a "statesman." , Later another person announced over the crowd, “Todd, we're not here about you, let's get on with things.”   


    Also while Jones addressed the gathering, a woman stood in the back of the room holding a sign which said "STOP 986" referring to HB 986 bill currently under consideration but which many see as a bill to create censorship mechanism in Georgia.

    Some have said Jones final comments appeared to threaten some sort of action  if further information surfaced about Talitrix and his association with the company.  In part of his remarks Jones said. “...the fight that is within me now comes out…”

    Interestingly the AJC article also cites “Cease and Desist” letters sent from  Talitrix to elected officials in Forsyth County.

    Click the image below to reach the AJC article mentioned:

    Following the event, attendees said they were disappointed with Jones’ comments which only seemed to underscore the growing concerns about the company and his role.

    What Has Caused The Concerns Around Talitrix and Jones?

    Several months ago, Talitrix’ contract with Fulton County was halted when the County Commission questioned an emergency funding request from Sheriff Patrick Labat in the amount of $5.3 million dollars with $2.1 million to purchase and implement Talitrix technology.  As the Commission’s discussion progressed, Commissioner Ellis disclosed that Sheriff Labat had entered into contracts with Talitrix, dating back to Sept 27, 2021, without the knowledge of the Fulton County Commission.

    Commissioner Ellis further stated that campaign records indicated that the Talitrix organization, employees, spouses, related entities made political contributions  to Labat's campaign in amounts totaling $78,100.

    Interestingly Patrick Labat is listed as a Democratic candidate in Ballotpedia:


    The fact that associates of Talitrix donated to a Democratic candidate is notable in that Talitrix CEO Justin Hawkins is a past Chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party.  Representative Todd Jones lists himself as a Republican and has confirmed in front of a legislative hearing in the past that he was Chairman of Talitrix.    Additionally several Talitrix investors are current or former Georgia Representatives and members of the Republican party.

    Why would Republicans be providing funding to a Democratic Candidate for Sheriff?

    During the same Fulton County Commission meeting, Commissioner Ellis further disclosed that he had received a text message indicating it was from the CEO of Talitrix, suggesting that the Commissioner be “quiet.” Ellis described the message as threatening.

    Commissioner Ellis additionally reported that he had received political mailers rolled up and placed outside his home. The mailers indicated they had been paid for by “Americans for Protecting the Public”  a political action committee.

    Who is “Americans for Protecting the Public?”

    The Georgia Secretary of State’s website shows the formation of an organization know as “American’s for Protecting the Public, Inc.”  State filings reflect that the corporation was formed by Justin Hawkins (Talitrix CEO.)

    Documents may be reviewed or downloaded below:


    Subsequent filings show Americans for Protecting the Public CEO as William M. Morris and alternatively Marc Morris.   Marc Morris is another former member of  Georgia House of Representatives for Forsyth County and a man who listed himself in LinkedIn as Talitrix Chief People Officer.

    See further Americans for Protecting the Public filing below:

    An independent researcher and author, Hank Sullivan, discovered that, American's for Protecting the Public disclosed contributions in the amount of $232,000 contributed by “Tailtrix” listing the address of Talitrix' offices. From these contributions at least $188,125.52 had been contributed either to the primary, or the runoff campaign of Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen, who won re-election last April by a scant 266 votes.

    Mr. Sullivan wrote: “Doing the math, it appears to have cost "Tailtrix" about $707/vote to help the embattled sheriff to win his runoff.”

    Notably, Jones is also a sponsor of the HB 986 Bill currently in consideration in the legislature.  Sponsors of the bill claim it is aimed at “Deep fake” advertisements developed through AI.

    Opponents of HB 986 say it is a censorship bill and point out its similarity to concerns voiced recently by experts in censorship in the U.S. and around the world. 

    As stated earlier, some characterized Jones final comments as in some way threatening and note the comments in last weeks the AJC article which cite “Cease and Desist” letters previously sent from Talitrix to elected officials in Forsyth County.

    In addition to the phone text messaging describe by Fulton Commissioner Ellis some ponder what may be next from Jones and Talitrix

    The above poses several questions:

    What monies have been paid by Talitrix, and associated parties or organizations, to Sheriffs and/or any other public entities and for what purpose?

    Why did Todd Jones say "...the fight that is within me now comes out..." when faced with the facts surrounding Talitrix, it's relationship with Patrick Labat, and the contract halted by Fulton County?

    Are there more key facts to be learned about Talitrix, Americans for Protecting the Public, Inc., and actions regarding these funds?

    The Georgia Record will continue to report on developments as they occur.

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