• GoReclaimGA Launches To Challenge Statewide Republican Suppression, Reinforces Other States

    By Staff
    January 21, 2023

    Counties Across Georgia Mobilize to Recruit Delegates for Each Precinct and County in the State.

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    A normal conservative might imagine the Republican Party to be a clean, ethical, patriotic group of people. However, after two years of witnessing extensive cheating and misconduct within the Georgia Republican Party (GRP), we have not found this to be true. The word of CRITICAL NEED is spreading, and citizens are now ready to regain their fair representation by replacing the officers causing the abusive chaos. Attending just one morning caucus meeting of one's voting precinct neighbors, registered voters can simply and peacefully RECLAIM their conservative political power.

    The Precinct Caucus is where neighbors meet to elect a Precinct Chairman and Precinct Committeemen to lead the precinct's successful 2024 election cycle and elect delegates to rise to the County Convention:

    • Over 80k population counties, Save the Date Feb 11 (morning)
    • Under 80k counties, Save the Date Mar 11 (morning)

    Then, at GRP County Conventions on March 11, all counties will meet to complete reorganization. Delegates elected at precinct caucuses vote for KEY county executive officers, who must be ethical and attractive to local citizens. It is vital task to seek your favorite citizens to serve as your Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Secretary and Treasurer. At the County Convention, delegates will also cast votes for new delegates to rise up to the congressional district and state conventions on April 22 and June 9-10, respectively. And, the proposed lists can be challenged with a motion to amend and replace with better conservative delegates present at the meeting. Stay tuned for training on Robert's Rules of Order, a valuable tool of orderly Democracy!

    This pattern of reclamation is occurring across the country, in such states as Arizona, where David Clements heroically gained the GOP Chairmanship of Dona Ana County on Jan 14. In Colorado, the savecoloradoproject.com is a leading initiative to push back against the abuse Tina Peters and others like her have received. Leaders claim: "For 15 years now the Colorado Republican party leadership has repeatedly dismissed inspiring grassroots candidates. Our Republican Party leadership has failed us. They strayed from the foundation of what we stand for." GoReclaimGA concurs. They say:

    It has been painful to watch especially strong Veteran and minority grassroots candidates be "disposed of" by party deterrence, willfully negligence, and collusion with corrupt state officials. We must fully express our values in the Republican Party or forfeit our country.

    On the NEW, robust goreclaimga.org website, citizens can:

    • view a NEW curated video explaining the precinct caucus experience
    • check how many delegates they've earned
    • access printable cards to invite neighbors and friends to attend
    • confirm county event details
    • review official party documents
    • confirm personal voter status and precint location
    • review party resources from national trainers like Dan Schultz and Turning Point USA
    • monitor party corruption
    • receive Robert's Rules of Order introductory training
    • request a consult with Sarah or Susan, the founders

    One of the most magnetic features of the site is the CORRUPTION FILES. This is where citizens can register to upload files regarding the corrupt acts of local party officers and public officials. At this time, it is free to upload unlimited corruption artifacts, which may include images, files, emails, text messages, and anything else that can show the public information regarding candidates choices. It is too often and too long that party officer misdeeds are concealed. It must all come to the light so that voters may become educated, and act with strength of mind.

    This press release is one to be shared far and wide. Remember your neighbors and spread the word across all county lines. We must strengthen our borders from leftist encroachment and raise up a broad pool of freedom-minded representatives starting NOW. Together, we can Go Reclaim Georgia for the next generation.

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    Monica Robinson

    I need to learn more about this. Ty.


    This is great news...unless the organization turns out to be a scam...another group of Republicans who will fold at the first opposition. Also...Georgian Republicans should have acted LONG before now!

    Sarah Thompson

    Read the about section of the org to learn more.

    Sarah Thompson

    You may contact them through goreclaimga.org

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