• LIVE 2pm EST: The Georgia 2024 Show! Bob Smith, Joseph Rossi, Garland Favorito, CCP Influence In The GA Capitol?

      The Georgia 2024 Show

      Debuts This Sunday LIVE 2pm EST, And 7pm EST Wednesday Here On The Georgia Record!
    • Information Operation

      Host L Todd Wood speaks with notable people of the day on geopolitics, national security, and more!
      The show streams live every Monday evening at 7pm EST.
    • CDM ElectionWatch 2024

      ElectionWatch 2024 Host Christine Dolan brings the latest on the 2024 election cycle.
    • Euro Bytes

      A conversation about European Society.
      Hosts Christian Geib, Lukas Posch, Fabian Kleinschmidt, John Winsell Davis and CDM's L Todd Wood.
    • The Globalists In Plain Sight

      Christine Dolan takes on the globalist agenda. This show streams live every Sunday at 12:30pm EST.
    • AFP PODS - Ukraine SitRep

      'Ukraine SitRep' from AFP tries to bring sense to chaos. Guests of the show will have direct in-country experience and expertise.
    • AFP PODS - Pacific SitRep

      L Todd Wood hosts an insightful show that delves into the situation in the Pacific, particularly focused on China's influence and the potential for conflict in the region. With guests who possess exceptional expertise, the show offers a thought-provoking exploration of geopolitical dynamics and their implications for the future.
    • AFP PODS - War Stories

      Special Operations pilot, L Todd Wood brings you 'War Stories', where he interviews combat veterans, delving deep into their experiences on the front lines. Through engaging conversations, the show provides a compelling glimpse into the realities and sacrifices of war.